Business Renewal and Turnaround Specialists

Business Recovery Strategies

Do any of the following sound familiar to you?

  • Survival is a constant battle
  • You are in a permanent crisis management mode
  • Day to day cashflow is a headache
  • Sales are not reaching the levels you believe possible
  • Margins being constantly eroded
  • Existing funding/borrowing facilities under pressure
  • Suppliers won’t give credit
  • Customers slow to pay


How did I get here?

  • Downturn in economy
  • Reduction or withdrawal of bank facilities
  • Costs too high/not competitive
  • Bad debts


Times have changed. Mere survival is now the goal for a lot of companies. These tough times won’t last forever. As an advisor to King Solomon once said “ This too shall pass”. However, first you need to get through these times.

If you are displaying any of the above symptoms you may benefit from the services of a turnaround specialist.

Imagine being able to focus on doing what you do well, and driving your business, without the distraction of constant crisis management.  Our full set of health services for your business will tell you if your business can be saved and how to save it.

You can see from our Case Studies page how we have helped other businesses, so contact us and lets get started reviving your business.

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